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We believe that beauty starts from within.
What your body looks like and feels like on the inside, is a direct reflection of how you feel when you look in the mirror.

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Transform Your Life with Our Semaglutide or Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program

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we offer Professional cosmetology services in office

Laura Mendoza

Esthetician/Lash Artist

Everyone can feel confident in their skin and glow from the inside out

Jessica Lehmann

Permanent Cosmetics

We are excited to announce that Jessica Lehmann with Forever Flawless Permanent Cosmetics is in our clinic.

Dedicated to Your Health & Wellness Journey

Innovative Approaches: Utilizing the latest in wellness and aesthetic technologies

Revive IV hydration therapy

Most people don’t drink enough water, and that’s where Revive steps in!  IV hydration therapy is the fastest and most effective way to infuse and rehydrate the body with important nutrients.  

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Direct Primary Care patients with their monthly subscription will receive 6 sessions of the Emsella Chair for $600(normally $1800) & 3 FREE maintenance sessions per year!

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Direct primary care is an innovative model designed to take medical care back for the patient. Instead of the usual model in which the doctor contracts with a patient’s insurance company (and is therefore beholden to all of its nonsensical and burdensome policies) I will contract directly with you, the patient. In that case, you and I will have the time and freedom to choose the right treatment plan without outside interference. For a modest monthly membership fee I will be here for you around the clock and take care of you in and out of the office. You would still use your medical insurance for any care needed outside this clinic (for specialist care, out of the office lab tests and imaging studies, ER visits, surgeries, etc) but happily your insurance is not needed in my practice.

Certainly! Placing a high value on good health is important at any age and staying well for a lifetime is a benefit of customized care. Even the ‘young and healthy’ benefit greatly from a trusted and knowledgeable personal physician. It is reassuring to know that I am on notice and ready to be here for you whenever you might need me (and even wherever you might be in the world!). Everyone deserves the time and attention this type of model is able to deliver, no matter how infrequently it may be needed.

Of course! Please contact us to schedule a free consultation and/or clinic tour so you can see if our style of healthcare is a good fit for you.