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Direct Primary Care

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Taking Healthcare Back For You

I am excited to provide a new primary care style of practice to better serve patients in the Tri-Cities. This new style of practice fights back against the increasingly toxic insurance companies and government mandates that are threatening the doctor-patient relationship and the quality of healthcare. In the direct primary care model, we avoid dealing with your insurance company and I contract directly with you. You get 24-hour access to a private practice provider who knows you very well all for a very modest monthly fee (less than the price of most cable bills or coffee habits).

More Care Less Hassle

The direct primary care model allows for a limited enrollment of patients which allows me to be available when you need medical care or advice. With your permission, I provide you with 24/7 access to me via my cell phone, text, email, etc. Appointments in the office are flexible, same or next day, and will last as long as needed for us to reach our goals. Contracting with you directly and never having to bill your insurance ensures there will be no more copays, rushed visits, no deductible charges, and no more annoying insurance bills that show up months after an appointment. As a matter of fact, you pay nothing extra for visits or treatments that are able to be provided by me in my practice. This is the kind of personalized, dignified, and comprehensive healthcare that I can deliver outside of the insurance model.

we are Dedicated to Your Health & Wellness Journey

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About My Clinic

Remember the days when medicine was practiced in a personalized and compassionate manner? Your provider knew you and your family personally and took as much time as needed to give you the care you needed when you needed it. Direct primary care practice restores the provider-patient relationship. Doctors’ offices these days try to fit in 20-30 patients in a day, by limiting the number of primary care patients in my practice, I can spend the time that is needed to listen to my patients and give them the care they deserve.

You will no longer have to suffer the time and access frustrations in traditional medical practices. You no longer have to wait 6 months to get into your provider, have dangerously brief and rushed visits, long waits for test results, and the impersonal way of today’s healthcare systems. By directly contracting with you I can continue to deliver quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care that is rapidly disappearing in today’s medicine. By eliminating the insurance “middleman” from our relationship I can focus on you and your health proactively.

In My Clinic You Will Receive:

1. Your own personal provider who knows you very well 

2. Individualized care—you will never be a “number” here 

3. “No wait”, same-day, or next-urgent day appointment times 

4. Greatly extended visit times—no more rushed visits or need to reschedule to get all of your questions answered or needs met 

5. You will have around-the-clock access to me via my cell phone, text, etc. You may also email me at any time. Appointments in the office are flexible, same or next day, and will last as long as needed for us to reach our goals.

6. No insurance hassles at my office—since I do not contract with any insurance it doesn’t matter to me what type you have and you will not have copays, deductible expenses, or charges other than your membership fee 

7. Precious quality time with me for questions (yes, please ask all of them!), lifestyle improvement education and coaching/support, proactive health planning, etc. 

With a smaller patient panel I can now offer:

Around-the-clock access—you will have my cell phone number to call, text, (or email) me any time of the day or night, and during weekends. Getting excellent medical care and advice should not be limited to traditional medical office hours. 

Same-day/Next-day office visits—Because the size of my practice is smaller and more intimate, you will not need to wait more than one day for an urgent office or home visit. Never again will you have to feel like you will either be “dead or better” by the time of your scheduled office visit. 

No rushed office visits—Gone are the harried visits of the past. Now you and I will have the time we need to safely treat you if you are ill or to keep you well if you are not. You will have the luxury of fully understanding your condition and the personalized plan we have developed for your treatment. We will also have the leisure to actively support your wellness and help you reach your best possible health. 

Hi-tech access—with your permission we can communicate conveniently about your healthcare needs by cell phone, text, video chat, email, etc. The sky is the limit for us to be in contact around the clock! 

Annual wellness exam/Full physical exam—I believe this exam is the cornerstone of your wellness and you can take advantage of this uniquely personalized visit that is included in your membership fee. 

Quick visits—our extended visits are great, but so is the availability of quick in-and-out care when appropriate. I also have no wait, same-day appointments for simpler issues such as urinary infections, sinus infections, head colds, etc. Imagine calling my cell phone to report a suspected urinary tract infection, being offered a chance to come right over, have your urine tested, get a focused exam, and all at no additional cost. In such a scenario there is no waiting with painful symptoms, and no need to go out for lab work. It is one-stop shopping that is also safe and convenient!

Unfortunately, we have all become quite familiar with the unnecessarily confusing costs in modern medicine, so you will be relieved to know that my pricing schedule is very straightforward. I have a simple monthly membership fee to access all of my services.

Monthly Membership Fees:

Adults: $100 per month (This membership fee covers everything I can do for your medical care including visits, testing, paperwork, etc–and neither you nor I will have to bill insurance for any services I provide)

Children (11-18 years of age with an enrolled parent): $20 per month

Dependent Children 19-24 years of age can be added to your membership for $40 per month. 

Membership fees may be paid monthly by credit card, quarterly, or annually per your preference. You may also choose to have automatic credit card payment plans to meet your needs.

Benefits of the Direct Primary Care Membership include:

  • 20% Off IV Infusions & Vitamin Injections
  • Massage Chair FREE Of Charge
  • Red Light Therapy Session For Only $20
  • 6 Sessions Of The Emsella Chair For $600 (Normally $1800) & 3 FREE Maintenance Sessions Per Year
  • 50% Off EMSculpt Neo
  • 15% Off Our Alastin Products

Still have a questions?

My clinic is designed to offer family practice in a way that is personal, comprehensive, immediate, and affordable.

Direct primary care is an innovative model designed to take medical care back for the patient. Instead of the usual model in which the doctor contracts with a patient’s insurance company (and is therefore beholden to all of its nonsensical and burdensome policies) I will contract directly with you, the patient. In that case, you and I will have the time and freedom to choose the right treatment plan without outside interference. For a modest monthly membership fee I will be here for you around the clock and take care of you in and out of the office. You would still use your medical insurance for any care needed outside this clinic (for specialist care, out of the office lab tests and imaging studies, ER visits, surgeries, etc) but happily your insurance is not needed in my practice.

Certainly! Placing a high value on good health is important at any age and staying well for a lifetime is a benefit of customized care. Even the ‘young and healthy’ benefit greatly from a trusted and knowledgeable personal physician. It is reassuring to know that I am on notice and ready to be here for you whenever you might need me (and even wherever you might be in the world!). Everyone deserves the time and attention this type of model is able to deliver, no matter how infrequently it may be needed.

Of course! Please contact us to schedule a free consultation and/or clinic tour so you can see if our style of healthcare is a good fit for you.

Because I no longer have to endure insurance hassles, and due to the smaller more intimate nature of my clinic, I am able to give you the time and good care you deserve. The doctor-patient relationship is restored as the most important part of the practice of medicine. By contracting with you, rather than with your insurance company, I am free to provide the best care for you. 

I know it sounds strange to say, but happily I can tell you that I do not accept your insurance. The good news is that I do not accept it because you won’t ever need to use it in my clinic. I contract directly with you for a modest monthly membership fee to provide for all of your clinic care instead of billing your insurance. I am glad you have insurance to cover all the other parts of healthcare that you may need outside of my office, but thankfully you never need to use it here, because this model of care is so much simpler than what we are used to in the complex modern medical system, it is worth repeating that neither you, nor your insurance (nor anyone else) will ever be billed from my clinic outside the monthly membership fee. Since no one is billed at all ever for services provided in my practice, you will not need to bill your insurance yourself, get reimbursed, or in any other way have a hassle for payment. When you pay your membership fee that is all there is to it! And remember that because I do not contract with or bill your insurance for my services, I am not beholden to its rules and restrictions on how I deliver the best possible care to you. I can now spend more time with you rather than filling out the mounds of nonsensical paperwork I once was forced to do for them.

You still deserve the type of personalized care and dedicated time for ideal health and wellness. In fact, if you have the accumulated health conditions from living many years, you will appreciate the long, relaxed office visits that are much better designed to treat complex, multiple, and inter-related health issues. The current assembly-line style of medical office visits are undesirable and often unsafe for the Medicare age group, and this practice aims to reclaim your health and safety. In order to have this luxury of time and attention, you will need to sign a waiver to assert that neither you, nor I, will directly bill Medicare for my services. Medicare will of course still pay as per usual for your out of office labs, imaging, referral doctor fees, physical therapy, ER visits, hospitalizations, etc. Finally, if you would like to benefit from a clinic such as this one, you should be sure that whichever Medicare plan you choose is not an HMO model that restricts you to a small panel of in-network doctors.

The extended office visits and around the clock access in this clinic allows for proactive care that reduces the likelihood that you will need to see other doctors or have hospital visits. Of course, there will be times when we will need the advice and care of my trusted colleagues in the community. You would then use your health insurance for those types of visits, tests, hospitalizations, and surgeries as per usual. I will be pleased to work closely with those colleagues during your care outside my clinic, if you are in the hospital, or recovering from surgery. 

Sadly I cannot definitively say “yes” at this time. There are many proponents working to designate your monthly membership payment as a “medical expense” and as that happens it will become tax deductible/HSA applicable. Until that expected time comes, it is strongly advised that you get the opinion of your accountant/tax consultant about this issue. 

In my clinic, children over age 11 can become patients for a small additional monthly fee, as long as at least one parent is enrolled. 

You will have my cell phone number, office number, and email (with your permission) and you can feel free to call, text, or email anytime from anywhere in the world. Since I know that illness and injury have no respect for regular office hours, you are not limited by those constraints in my practice. Reach out to me whenever you need me. We really will be here for you! 

Absolutely! It is very likely with the combination of our established close relationship and modern technology that I can help diagnose and treat many conditions from afar. I can also help you find a nearby pharmacy and call in needed medications if applicable. In the event your condition requires an immediate in-person assessment for safety, I will work to help you find a resource near your location. 

As always in a true emergency, you will want to call 911. If you are not having a life or death emergency but need urgent advice, please never hesitate to call me on my cell phone at any time. 

We have electronic medical records designed for this type of practice. Rest assured that the security and privacy standards are exceptional. Also, because I do not contract at all with the government or insurance companies, I am not obligated to routinely provide your records to them. I would only send your medical records to them at your written request. 

We are confident that you and your family will love being a part of our clinic. Nonetheless, if circumstances ever change, rest assured that you are not trapped into any contractual obligations. If you have chosen to pay quarterly or annually rather than monthly, your unused membership fees will be prorated and refunded to you. We will also stand by to send your medical records free of charge to your new doctor immediately upon your written request. 

It really isn’t. It is just so much more than we have been conditioned to accept lately in American healthcare. How would it feel if . . . 

-more often than not, your doctor answered when you called the clinic 

-you got immediate feedback from your calls, your test results, or your office visit 

-you knew exactly how much your in-clinic primary care would cost each year 

-you could see your doctor and NOT see bills months later when an insurance company was done processing them 

-you could text your doctor (a picture of the rash that just popped up while you were in Texas, even!) for advice and treatment 

-you had an hour or more to discuss your concerns, illness, wellness, etc during an office visit 

-you had same day appointment options 

-you had after hours access always 

-you had the same doctor for every visit who knew you well 

FREE Massage Chair

Direct Primary Care patients with their monthly subscription will receive use of the massage chair FREE of charge!