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what is testosterone?

Testosterone is a natural hormone produced by the body. It is the main male sex hormone and is responsible for the development of male sex organs, sexual drive, bone and muscle growth as well as energy levels. It is a naturally occurring hormone. As men age, their testosterone level naturally diminishes. This decrease in testosterone level may lead to a decrease in sexual drive, muscle growth, and energy levels. The FDA estimates that as many as 14 million American men may have testosterone levels that fall below the normal range. If a man’s body is producing too little of this natural hormone it can cause a condition called Low Testosterone (Low T.)

What is low t?

Low Testosterone is simply the name of the condition in which the male body is not producing enough testosterone. This is also known as male menopause. Since testosterone is such an important hormone, Low T can have wide-ranging effects. Low T is associated with several chronic medical conditions including depression, obesity, erectile dysfunction, and cardiovascular disease. Checking for Low T is as simple as a blood test. It should be noted that only one-half to two-thirds of men with Low T report symptoms.

Testosterone replacement therapy for symptomatic women has the potential to improve mood, libido, orgasm, energy level, and feeling of well-being.

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What is testosterone replacement?

Many of the problems associated with Low T can be overcome by hormone replacement therapy. About 90% of men who undergo testosterone replacement report seeing improvement. A small amount of testosterone is injected into the body, approximately every 8 days. This is a well-studied and safe way to raise and maintain a healthy testosterone level. During your treatment, you will be carefully monitored to ensure you maintain healthy hormone levels.

how can this treatment help me?

Testosterone levels in a healthy normal range can help increase and promote:

  • Libido
  • Muscle Mass
  • Stronger Erections
  • Bone Strength
  • Mental Clarity
  • Better General Health


Testosterone levels in a healthy normal range can help diminish:

  • Overall Body Fat
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

Fee for Hormone consultation

The consultation fee for the first visit and ordering labs is $125.00.